Courses in the Media Arts category include Digital Photography, Digital Design and Video Communications.

  • Digital Photography 1In this course students will take a digital camera in hand to experiment with light, focus, exposure, movement, composition and texture. Students will learn how to use their camera to create engaging images. The course is divided into 7 units. In each unit students will complete a project and will share their photos with the instructor and fellow students for feedback.

    Self enrolment
  • Digital Photography 2This course builds on the skills and concepts learned in Digital Photography 1. Students will develop advanced skills in controlling exposure through aperture and shutter speed settings. Students will also learn advanced composition skills.

  • Digital Design 1In this course students will create compelling, professional looking images and graphic designs. They’ll learn how to use standard software applications to edit and create compelling images. Students will learn technical topics like working with layers and masks, adding special effects and effectively using type-faces to create visual impact.

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